We are very happy to have contributed to the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the Port of Barcelona with our catamarans “ECOSLIM” and “ECOSAIL”

We are very happy to have contributed to the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the Port of Barcelona with our catamarans “ECOSLIM” and “ECOSAIL”, being the most pioneering and sustainable company of commercial tourist boats.

We have collaborated with the Port of Barcelona in the working table organized by the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability and contributing our commitment to the roadmap presented at the first climate summit scheduled by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Congratulations Port of Barcelona

A day with the largest passenger ecological catamaran in Europe

Many thanks to Léa & Sacha (Sparks and bloom)

eoc sail barcelona bcnavaltours eoc sail barcelona bcnavaltours

A great activity that you should definitely try in Barcelona is to go on an excursion to the Mediterranean Sea. For approximately 1h15min (long enough for an activity with young children), the Panoramic Eco Panoramic Boat Tour took us to the open sea.

Perfectly #SlowEverything, with the sailboats in the distance, the sun shining, the sea breeze and the incredible view of Barcelona we had from the sea. I guarantee that this activity is a success!

The Eco Sail Panoramic Boat Tour is the largest ecological catamaran in Europe. It is superbly adapted for young families with strollers. We were able to get on the catamaran without folding the #Hallelujah stroller, since the boat is adapted for people with disabilities. On the catamaran, you will find a small snack counter, bathrooms and a second floor from where you can admire the view of Barcelona.



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Inauguration of the largest ecological catamaran in Europe “Eco Sail”

The Port of Barcelona was the chosen space to open the largest ecological passenger catamaran in Europe, named ECOSAIL BARCELONA. The event, which took place on 31.01.2019 at 12:00h, was attended, among others, by Ms. Marta Subirà, secretary of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability; Ms. Mercè Conesa, President of the Port Authority of Barcelona; Mr. Javier Valencia, seafarer of Barcelona of the General Directorate of the Spanish Merchant Navy and local authorities of the city council and the tourism agencies of the city.
The ECOSAIL catamaran, built at the Dalmau shipyard in Arenys de Mar, is owned by the Barcelona Naval Tours company. It is a hybrid boat and represents an innovation in terms of ecology and conservation of the environment. The mixture of electric and diesel engines, along with its 20 meter sailing, make this catamaran a revolution in the navigation sector. In accordance with the principles and values ​​that the shipowner has, and in the words of the manager of Barcelona Naval Tours Glòria Dalmau: “I hope the ECOSAIL is in line with what the port wants as an image of Barcelona to serve as a reference in sustainability for other European cities, “he explained, referring to ecological vessels that contribute to the good image and conservation of the port of Barcelona. On the other hand, the maximum authority of the Port of Barcelona, ​​Mercè Conesa, has expressed that: “A bet like Barcelona Naval Tours is an absolutely interesting and cutting-edge bet since we as a port have great challenges to face among them , the quality of the air we breathe “.
Recall that the Barcelona Naval Tours company is a company that is fully aware of the conservation of the environment and that is why it already has in its fleet and for years the ECOSLIM catamaran, totally ecological, that works with electric batteries, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines .

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